Lighthouse Park Engagement Session by Koyo Photography

Often times the weather can really dictate what happens with an engagement shoot, and in this case, in the end, it did. But we love that Lindsay of Koyo Photography used it to her advantage as well. We love the depth and emotion that the rain adds to the first few pictures of this shoot. We also love that the rain brought about a second shooting day and a gorgeous new sari for our bride.

From photographer Lindsay Naito: The only downside to shooting in the Pacific Northwest is the unpredictability of the weather! The second we arrived at the location for Pardeep & Tyler's engagement session, a downpour began. However, this couple is so much fun and up for anything, as we managed to capture some great moments before we were completely rained out. The next sunny day {and with the couple in a new sari and suit} we returned to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver to finish what we started!