Echo Lake Engagement by Tailored Fit Photography

We absolutely swoon over surprise proposals and this one, from Tailored Fit Photography, is no exception. We love the idea of someone hiding in the trees, waiting for the magic moment in anticipation and then, it happens in a love filled and emotional moment. Yes were suckers for a beautiful proposal! 

From Photographer Ryan Breitkreutz: We were thrilled to photograph Ryan's proposal to Jordan at a remote Rocky Mountain Lake in British Columbia, Canada. We love it when we get to capture real moments in our photography - being part of such an incredibly significant day in someone's life is one of the greatest honors we could ask for, and the chance to do so with such a stunning backdrop is a photographers drea,m! We had an incredible time with these two - congrats Ryan & Jordan! 

From Jordan: How He Asked... He told me we were going to a super nice restaurant for lunch and also stop at a cool spot along the way. So, we each got dressed up, luckily I had even done my nails the night before! He drove to Echo Lake in BC, Canada. He found the lookout he had prepared everything in and he led me down a little path through the trees down to the water. There he had the sweetest canoe that was beautiful and green like the lake, an old trunk and picnic basket nestled perfectly in the canoe floor. I knew at that moment what was going on and couldn't stop smiling! He helped me in and we floated out to the water, as we were floating he pulled out a note he had ready to read to me, and then said he had one last question he has to ask me, "will you marry me?"....Soaking in the moment I said "of course I will, yes!" Then I saw the photographers sneaking around on the bank capturing the whole thing, we took some more photos on the lake, and then jumped in the car to go on an engagement photoshoot! It was finally our turn (as this is what we do for a living!). After we finished that, we looked through his old family trunk that one of his relatives moved to Canada with a 100 years ago. He had packed with tons of beautiful gifts, a lovely bottle of wine, and my favourite, pumpkin pie! We then went on to our next adventure! We drove to another stunningly gorgeous mountainous lake, and spent the day with it all to ourselves on a little pebble beach with our picnic and some Okanagan apple and peach ciders to cool us down in the breezy summer air. It was perfect.The Ring!I ventured out with my friend Jess in Australia, hoping and praying to find my perfect ring that day! I wanted something different than the regular silver wedding rings. I love nature, I love the forrest, and I love vintage things. So in my search, I wanted something that reflected those things the most, and simplicity. The very first store I walked into, Michael Hill, it caught my eye, and once I tried it on, that was it! We ventured to all the other stores we could find just to make sure but nothing compared to the very first one, so that was my choice!