About: Editor Stacey Foley

Hello Loves!!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stacey Foley and I am the face behind Joy Wed. In the professional world I am the boss lady of JoyFoley Weddings, an internationally published and award winning wedding planning and design boutique specializing. My love, passion and enthusiasm for the wedding industry are undeniable and essentially what brought me to create Joy Wed. I wanted to create an outlet for Canadian wedding vendors and brides to be able to find amazing local talents and beautiful inspiration. As a creative mind myself I love creating styled shoots that bring to life every brides dream and this is a way to showcase the talent of so many amazing Canadian vendors that strive to do the same every day!

In my personal life I am the mommy to two beautiful little girls who remind me every day what simple pleasures really are. I am the wife to an amazing man who’s support, loyalty and love allow me to be who I truly am meant to be and who’s support allows me to chase my dreams. Every day I find a reason to smile, a reason to feel blessed and grateful for this wonderful life I have worked so hard to create and every day I surround myself with love.

My love of weddings is something that I cannot deny. I LOVE weddings! It doesn’t matter who’s it is, where it is or what style it is, I am in love with weddings. This path in life I believe was truly chosen for me and it just fits.

I look forward to meeting you all!!!

10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. My business name was created from my daughters middle name Joy and my last name Foley and is meant to sound like joyfully

  2. I LOVE everything red velvet

  3. My mom is my best friend

  4. I love to spend my summers camping with my family

  5. I have a love affair with New York and the Canadian Rocky Mountains {they’ve been tied for years}

  6. My love affair is equally as strong for Carrie Bradshaw

  7. I think if I ever met Randy Fenoli we would be best friends

  8. My husband and I renew our vows every 5 years

  9. My soul belongs in the 70’s

  10. I love anything that SPARKLES

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